About Tidy Elections

I (Guus Hoekman) started Tidy Elections after being unpleasantly surprised by how difficult it is to find clean data of elections held outside wealthy and/or "important" countries. Tidy Elections is an attempt to fill that gap.


I can see Tidy Elections being useful for researchers, academics, journalists, and really anyone with an interest in one of the covered elections. For them, I'd like to provide:

  • Clean and open election data on a subnational level, especially for elections for which this doesn't already exist
  • A simple way to explore this data
  • Open source code that allows anyone to recreate, tweak, and improve Tidy Elections
  • A project that is collaborative in nature

In light of that last point: contributions are most welcome! Read how on the contribution page.

A word of warning

Don't assume the data on Tidy Elections is accurate! There is no reason you should blindly assume the data on here is correct.

That being said, Tidy Elections has been made with only good intentions and any errors there might be were made accidentally. If you have any doubts, please check out the source code and/or verify the data against the original sources.

If you find any errors, please report them.